Take Full Advantage Of Your Dental Insurance In 2015

  • Posted on: Jan 19 2015

The world of dental insurance can be tough to navigate. While many patients pay for dental insurance each month, it is uncommon for a person to take full advantage of all of the benefits they are entitled to. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your dental benefits in the year ahead.

  • Start as early as possible in the year: This will give you more time to comfortably schedule treatment without end of year hassles. Many people lose unused benefits by failing to follow this one little simple rule.
  • Schedule exams and cleanings: Prevention is key when it comes to keeping your mouth and teeth healthy. Clean teeth and gums are the first step in maintaining a strong dental hygiene routine. Most dental plans will completely cover one or two dental exams and cleanings per year. Take advantage of this benefit and book appointments for check ups and cleanings in advance, and be sure to stick to that schedule. A few simple steps in prevention could save you bigger bills and further treatment down the road.
  • Get to know your benefits: How can you make the most of your benefits if you don’t know what they entail? Since dental plans vary, it is important to sit down at the beginning of the year and examine your policy in detail, then plan your treatment accordingly.
  • Plan multi-stage treatments in advance: If you require complex, multi-stage treatments such as crowns or dental implants, scheduling out appointments in advance will help you to maximize your benefits. Many plans have an annual spending limit, which does not carry over if it is unused. Planning treatments will help you determine if you are about to exhaust your annual spending limit, or if you can take advantage of a benefit that will soon expire. This also ensures that your dentist will be able to accommodate you and deliver treatment in a timely manner.
  • Stay in-network: Many insurance providers have agreements with specific dentists regarding fee reductions. Choosing a provider within this network can reduce a patient’s dental expenses by a significant amount. Ask your insurance company for a list of in-network providers before you book an appointment.

Make The Most Of Your Dental Benefits By Contacting Concerned Dental Care

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