Teach Kids The Importance Of Oral Health During National Children’s Dental Health Month

  • Posted on: Feb 26 2015

To raise awareness about the importance of children brushing every day and regular dental check-ups, Delta Dental asked parents to complete a survey regarding their child’s oral care habits. The results were surprisingly unfavorable and somewhat disheartening from a dentist’s perspective.

Key Points of the Survey

  • Only 28 percent of parents gave their children an “A” for oral health
  • Eighty six percent of parents thought their children should have better oral care
  • Only 40 percent of parents said their child flossed at least once every day
  • Over half of parents surveyed believed it was oral care habits, not diet or genetics that contributed to good oral health.

5 Kid-Friendly Tips for Good Oral Health

  1. Children learn best by observing adults rather than being told how to do something, Let your child watch you brush your teeth or, if you feel especially adventurous, let your child brush your teeth for you. While you’re both having fun, start telling your child in easy-to-understand language what happens to teeth when they aren’t brushed.
  2. Five-year-olds and up can help pick out toothpaste, their toothbrush and their own bathroom cup. Try to make brushing seem like an independent activity they can be proud of accomplishing with their “own” items.
  3. Have kids make-believe they are imitating movements of train wheels by moving their toothbrush around and around on their teeth (the correct way to brush teeth) instead of “scrubbing” back and forth.
  4. Encourage them to make as much “bubbles’ as possible while brushing. Let them get messy. It means their teeth are being cleaned properly.

National Children’s Dental Health Month

Sponsored by the American Dental Association, National Children’s Dental Health Month is celebrated every February to educate parents and their children about the importance of starting good oral hygiene practices as early in life as possible. In addition to brushing twice a day, flossing, rinsing with a non-alcoholic mouthwash and monitoring consumption of sugary foods, the ADA strongly recommends parents take their children to a dentist every six months for a complete check-up, cleaning and fluoride treatment to help prevent chronic oral disease from harming a child’s teeth and gums.

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