Summer is a great time to get braces!

  • Posted on: Jul 19 2016

Summer! It’s the perfect season for swimming, sleeping in, vacationing, exploring the city, and … getting braces? Yep! Believe it or not, for many young adults, in the midst of BBQs and suntans, summer is the ideal time to get orthodontics. Why? There are several reasons!

Fewer distractions

Braces are a big change and can feel weird at first. If a student is trying to concentrate in the classroom but is also thinking about the way his or her mouth feels and looks, it might be difficult to absorb everything that the teacher is saying. Summer is also a great time to get them if there are worries about being teased or having extra attention. Even innocent questions from peers — “Do they hurt?” “How long will you have them?” — can bring feelings of self-consciousness. If school is out, classmates won’t be around to ask questions or make comments. And as the school year approaches, a braces wearer can feel more comfortable about the new look.

Food options

As patients become accustomed to braces, softer foods — like rice, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, avocados, and bananas — might be the best choice at meals. If a student doesn’t pack a lunch for school everyday, mealtimes might be left up to the fate of the cafeteria. In that situation, chewy, hard, or otherwise irritating foods might be left on the tray and dumped in the waste bin. Plus, summer is a great time for cold, braces-friendly treats — like ice cream and popsicles!

Appointment times

Getting braces put on takes time and so does the maintenance that comes with them. If you’re frequently in our office during the school year, you might receive absences and miss out on important lectures and projects. While it might seem fun in the short-run, the long-term effects can add up. By scheduling appointments during the summer, there’s more flexibility in office times and fewer days spent outside of the classroom.

Getting into a routine

While braces aren’t life-altering, they can have an impact on a day-to-day routine. Braces wearers will need to be extra diligent about keeping teeth clean. This can mean more time at the bathroom sink — including during the mornings. Starting braces in the summer is helpful because patients usually have some flex time to get those cleaning routines down, which is better than rushing to care for teeth before a ride to school arrives.

The recommended age for orthodontic treatment is between 8-14 years of age. That’s because the mouth is still growing and is, therefore, easier to straighten. Young adults with overbites, underbites, crossbites, crowded teeth, improper spacing, and other conditions are good candidates for braces. And there are more benefits to braces than cosmetic changes and the self-confidence that can come with them. With proper care, they can prevent oral issues, including gum disease, plaque buildup, and tooth decay. Call or visit us this summer to learn about orthodontic options.

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