Straight teeth: Five reasons to invest in Invisalign today

  • Posted on: Aug 24 2016

A smile is often the first thing we show to those we meet. As such, it’s important that you feel confident about the way yours looks. In New York and beyond, braces are a rite of passage for young adults, leading them to straighter smiles that can last a lifetime. But for various reasons, not everyone is able to get orthodontics during adolescence. If you’re an adult who has concerns about crooked teeth, Invisalign might be an ideal solution for you. Take a look at these five reasons to invest in them today.

Save time and money

Invisalign is more affordable than you might realize, especially when compared to the cost of traditional braces. In fact, many insurance policies with orthodontic coverage cover Invisalign.   You’ll also save on time because Invisalign typically requires fewer checkups than braces bring. Don’t get us wrong — we love seeing your smiling face! But less time in our office means more time for you to spend on work or play.

Prolong your health

Invisalign leads to straighter teeth, which are easier to clean. Ultimately, this means a lowered risk of gum disease (and the heart issues that can come with it) and reduced tooth decay. Depending on your specific situation, misaligned teeth can cause a host of other troubles, like speech issues, headaches, and chipped teeth. And if your smile is causing you anxiety or stress, your mental health is also impacted. Invisalign can help tackle these issues.

Keep treatment discreet

Traditional braces — with their wiring, brackets, and bands — are tough to hide in photos and day-to-day activities. If discretion is as important to you as getting straight teeth is, the clear material that makes up Invisalign is a great option because it’s virtually undetectable! That means that you won’t have to delay an important event — like a wedding or job interview — that you don’t want braces for. It also means you don’t have to put off treatment if you already have an event scheduled.

Take a break when you need to — but only if you want

It’s doubtful that you’ll need to adjust your routine too much when you have Invisalign. Since they don’t distract or get in the way of activities like workouts and meetings, you might forget that you have them at all! Still, unlike traditional braces, with Invisalign, you can remove your orthodontics from time to time, like at meals and during your dental hygiene routine. That means you get to take a break from your treatments and have a better opportunity to keep your teeth clean and healthy as you brush and floss.

Gain confidence

If you aren’t satisfied with your smile, you might have poor self-esteem. Straightening your teeth can improve the way you feel about yourself, leading to a more confident approach to life. You deserve to love your smile. If you are considering Invisalign, take a look at some before-and-after images and contact us to see if you are a good candidate for the process.

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