What to know before you get dentures

  • Posted on: Apr 17 2017

Dentures are a big lifestyle change. While getting them is relatively common among adults, it means letting go of your natural teeth and bite and embracing a faux alternative. If that seems overwhelming, don’t fear! For those having issues with their natural teeth, dentures are a wonderful alternative that can offer relief from aches, pains, and decayed smiles. And our New York dentists are experts at helping folks find their new teeth. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised about how the process works. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you start your journey to a new smile.

Dentures can look natural

If you’re worried about aesthetics and wonder if your new teeth will look more fake than genuine, know that today’s dentures are hard for outside parties to detect. Advancements in materials and shades mean a more natural-looking set of false teeth. In addition, dentures can help maintain the natural shape of your mouth. When teeth are missing, a mouth can look saggy or sunken. Dentures offer a fix to those conditions. If the idea of walking around toothless following a dental extraction has you on edge, keep in mind that you can have temporary dentures to fill the gaps while you wait for your permanent replacement set.

You have lots of options to consider

Dentures are not “one-size-fits-all,” and your individual dental situation will have a lot to do with the type that you receive. For example, if you are only replacing a few natural teeth, partial dentures are an ideal choice. Before deciding on your denture style, we’ll also factor in your age and gender, how strong your jaws are, and if you have any allergies that make vinyl-based dentures a more practical option than acrylic-based ones. At each step in the process, you’ll have a voice.

You’ll get used to them

At first, your new dentures might seem awkward or even uncomfortable. This is totally normal, and, while perhaps frustrating, it isn’t how you’ll always feel. Easing back into eating solid foods and talking casually with others might prove helpful in adjusting to your new teeth. With time, you’ll soon also feel comfortable with the cleaning and maintenance that dentures require. Be patient, and keep in mind that your dentures were custom-fitted to fulfill your needs and your gums have changed in preparation for them. That means they will soon feel second-nature.

You’ll feel better once you have them

People take great pride in their smiles and often use them to communicate. You deserve to have a smile that you are excited to show off. Many patients find that getting dentures — especially after years of dealing with tooth issues — boosts their self-confidence.

Getting dentures can feel like a big deal, but most patients agree that the small inconveniences are well-worth the life-changing results and confidence that they provide. If you are concerned about getting dentures, don’t hesitate to call or make an appointment to discuss the process is greater detail.

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