Whitening your teeth for a big event

  • Posted on: Sep 8 2017

Stained teeth are a natural part of life. Between drinks like coffee, tea, soda, and wine; lifestyle choices, like smoking and poor dental hygiene; and simply getting older, discoloration is virtually guaranteed for New Yorkers. If you have already started to notice that your teeth are not as bright as they once were, there’s no sense in putting off treatment. The sooner you tackle the issue, the easier it will be to eliminate stains as they will only continue to build up with time. Furthermore, if your smile makes you self-conscience, upgrading it with a whitening treatment can significantly increase your self-esteem. When and how you whiten your teeth it’s completely up to you. After all, it is your mouth and your smile. However, my job is to help you make smart decisions about your teeth. Many of my patients have also found great joy in brightening their smiles before a big event. Here are a few examples.

Class Reunion

Whether it has been 10 years or 50 since your graduation, meeting up with your classmates after time apart can be nerve-racking. Regardless of if you were the most popular kid in your class or the one who kept to themselves, now is your chance to shine. A whitening treatment leading up to the occasion can give you a boost of self-confidence and help you feel at ease as you connect with your long-lost friends and reminisce over antics from your younger years.


No matter your role in the wedding, you can benefit from brightening your smile before the big day. Brides and grooms know that the attention will be on them for the majority of the ceremony and reception, so having a smile to match that white wedding dress can be a big deal. Likewise, friends and family of the happy couple will be photographed numerous times before the night is over. If you are in the wedding party, the last thing you want to be worried about is discolored teeth. Get camera-ready and put your mind at ease with the whitening treatment.

Business Conference

Between the awkward conversation and worry about sweaty handshakes, networking at meetings and conferences can be tough. If you are less-than-thrilled about the look of your teeth, approaching others can be even more unsettling; you might be wondering if they are focusing more on your discoloration than your professionalism. Instead of worrying, try whitening. This can also prove helpful if you are asked to speak in front of a group, whether that’s during a team-building exercise or as the keynote speaker.


Everyone attending your graduation knows that your future is bright. Why not have a smile that’s equally as dazzling? As you step into the next stage of your life, consider doing it with a set of teeth you will be proud to show off no matter where your next adventure takes you. Think of it as a celebratory gift for yourself!

Of course, you don’t need a big event to have an excuse for a whitening. After all, life itself is a special occasion. If you have concerns or questions about the teeth whitening process, don’t hesitate to reach out. We can be reached at 800.583.9285 or by filling out the contact form on our website. Teeth whitening techniques have significantly advanced in recent years, so no matter the extent of your stains, we have a solution to get you a smile that you love.

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