Five things you can do right now to improve your dental health

  • Posted on: Feb 19 2018

Life is busy, especially in New York, where there are endless options for entertainment and fun. So how does a modern individual make time to take care of his or her teeth when there are so many other things to think about? The answer is to make small changes that have a big impact. Here are a few examples of things you can do immediately to improve your oral health and keep your smile fresh and bright.

Schedule a cleaning and checkup

To ensure that your mouth stays in good condition and to look out for cavities, mouth sores, and other oral health concerns, it’s important that you meet with the dentist twice a year. If you don’t know when your next appointment is, take a few minutes to call and schedule one. You’ll get a cleaning, a check-up, and you can ask questions about your mouth, like if Invisalign should be in your future or if you should finally take the plunge and get an implant to replace a gap in your smile.

Swap out your toothbrush

When was the last time that you purchased a new toothbrush? To keep your mouth in tiptop shape, it’s important that the tools you use to clean it are themselves clean. A new toothbrush has less bacteria, and its bristles are more likely to do a better job than your worn-down ones. Always look for a brush that is approved by the FDA, and aim for a soft bristle finish so you won’t damage your gums or enamel. Consider an option that includes a tongue scraper if you suffer from chronic halitosis.

Reevaluate your toothpaste

There are dozens of toothpaste options on the market, so how do you choose the right one? You might be surprised to learn that the products in your paste are more important than the brand on the box. Look for ingredients that target your areas of concern. For example, if you find that your teeth hurt when they are exposed to hot or cold substances, a toothpaste that relieves sensitivity might be a good choice. If you are more concerned about whitening, look for options that target dull and yellowed teeth. There are also several selections made with more natural ingredients. If you are on the fence we’re not sure what you should buy, it might be helpful to buy a travel-sized tube to test before opting for a larger container.


Despite recent reports, we still recommend flossing as part of your dental routine. Whether you use string or opt for pre-cut floss picks, you’re doing your mouth a favor by removing built-up plaque and food stored between your teeth. It’s normal to experience a little bit of bleeding when you floss, especially if you haven’t done so in quite some time. But if you notice that your gums are particularly sore or producing an excess amount of blood, make sure you let us now so we can evaluate the situation more closely.

Quit smoking

If you use tobacco products, it’s time to stop. It’s not just bad for your lungs, heart, and skin, it’s also bad for your teeth and mouth. Smoking and chewing can lead to discoloration, bad breath, and even cancer. If you’re having trouble stopping, reach out to support groups and consider nicotine replacement products, like gum and patches. Your general physician should be able to help you strategize a way to quit that will work for you.

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