What are dentures?

Long Island Partial Denture Wearers

Dentures and partial dentures are prosthetic devices designed to help patients with missing teeth perform daily activities that would otherwise be difficult. For those who have experienced tooth decay or infection to the point of needing tooth extraction, dentures may be one way to restore the look and feel of the natural teeth. While dentures are a replacement for the natural teeth, many patients feel that they function and feel similar to their natural smile. For patients who have not lost all of their teeth, partial dentures are available as well. At Concerned Dental, we take the time to evaluate each case individually and help you restore your best smile using the treatment option that best suits your needs.

When are dentures needed?

One of our skilled dentists may recommend dentures if you:

  • Have lost most or all of your natural teeth due to infection, injury, or decay
  • Have had tooth extractions for all natural teeth
  • No longer have any gum diseases
  • Seek natural-looking teeth and regular function
  • Do not want permanent dental implants

What does getting dentures involve?

Getting dentures at Concerned Dental is a simple process that generally involves the following steps:

  • Your dentist treats any remaining gum disease and allowing for a full recovery.
  • Any remaining damaged teeth are extracted prior to denture creation. If you have numerous remaining healthy teeth, you may be a good candidate for partial dentures.
  • Your dentist fits you for your dentures and create the dentures to comfortably fit your unique jaw and bite.
  • Your dentist will give you information about how to care for your dentures and what to do in the event that your dentures break, are lost, or have any other issues.

What are the benefits of using dentures?

Choosing to have custom-fit dentures from Concerned Dental can give you the following benefits:

  • Comfortable and proper fit is ensured before you leave
  • Can improve the look and feel of your smile
  • Improves your ability to bite and chew
  • Resolves infection and tooth decay issues
  • Quick and painless fitting procedure

If you believe you may need dentures, visit Concerned Dental. We offer comprehensive dental services for patients in The Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Westchester, and Long Island. Our modern and friendly practice is home to a highly-qualified team of general dentists, orthodontists, oral surgeons, and other dental professionals who can handle all aspects of dentistry from one convenient location. To book your visit, call our office at 800.583.9285 or request an appointment today.