Digital Imaging

Our dentists follow careful guidelines as to when radiographs should be taken. Radiographs are a valuable diagnostic tool, giving us the ability to view internal structures of the mouth that are not visible in an examination. Radiographs enable us to determine the existence of cavities in the teeth, measure bone level and assess the health of the bone. We can also use radiographs to examine the dental pulp and roots of the teeth, inspect and evaluate cysts or tumors in the mouth as well as calculate the extent of any damage that has occurred due to trauma.

Dental radiographs provide essential information to dentists as they work to diagnose, treat and maintain the oral health of their patients. The amount of exposure is too small to pose any major risk. Concerned Dental Care uses digital imaging techniques at our offices. Digital imaging reduces exposure time by more than 50 percent as compared to traditional radiographs. State-of-the-art digital imaging is even faster, safer and clearer than conventional radiographs, making them the preferred type of imaging test.

Since they are stored digitally, the images can be viewed on a computer, offering a much more precise view. In addition, instead of mailing actual film, we can quickly deliver the images to any specialists or insurance companies as needed.

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