Concerned Dental Care Gives Back to Patients and Soldiers with Halloween Buy Back

  • Posted on: Oct 8 2014
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Concerned Dental Care will be offering a Halloween buy back this season, which will benefit both patients and American soldiers.  The program is focused on promoting healthy habits after Halloween, in which patients can bring in their excess Halloween candy to receive a cash reward.  The candy is then distributed to soldiers by Girl Scouts, whom also give the candy out to the needy at local shelters.

The program will run for one week following Halloween, which will be from Saturday, November 1 to Saturday, November 8.  Six of Concerned Dental Care’s offices will be running this promotion, which are Total Dental Care of Farmingville, Concerned Dental Care of Ronkonkoma, Concerned Dental Care of Port Jefferson, Concerned Dental Care of Hauppauge, Concerned Dental Care of Westchester and Concerned Dental Care of the Bronx.  Concerned Dental Care will give $1 for every pound of candy donated, as well as a new tooth brush.

A single trick-or-treaters candy haul could translate into about 11,000 calories.  This excess amount of sugar contains enough calories to feed an adult for a week.  It is unquestionable that American’s splurge on Halloween, in which moderation is key in avoiding dental issues and long-term unhealthy habits for children.  Halloween Buy Back provides a platform for children to be mindful of their candy habits and rewards them for this good behavior.

Concerned Dental Care understands the excitement of Halloween candy, and therefore suggests that parents allow their children pick out 8-10 of their favorite candies.  The remaining candy can be brought in to one of our six locations for our Halloween Buy Back program.

Last year a local school teamed up to collect over 95 pounds of candy.  This year, Concerned Dental Care hopes to collect even more candy. Halloween Buy Back is a great promotion to remind children of their health and Concerned Dental Care looks forward to giving back.