Intraoral Camera

What is an intraoral camera?

Concerned Dental Care offers the latest in intraoral camera technology, which can help us to enhance your understanding of your diagnosis. An intraoral camera is a very small camera, sometimes just a few millimeters long. This high-tech device allows our staff to view clear, precise images of all of the structures of your mouth in order for us to make an accurate, efficient diagnosis. The team of experts at Concerned Dental have access to a wide variety of the latest technologies, including intraoral cameras, to help us deliver the highest-quality patient care to our patients.

Why is an intraoral camera used?

At Concerned Dental, our professionals use the clear, defined, enlarged images from the intraoral camera to show us details that may not be visible using a standard mirror examination. Using an intraoral camera can speed up your diagnosis time, which translates into a shorter appointment and faster recovery time for you.

Intraoral cameras also enable us to save your images to our office computer system, providing a permanent record of treatments. These images can be printed for you, medical or dental specialists, a lab, or your insurance company.

What does using an intraoral camera involve?

Using the intraoral camera during your dental visit is simple and generally involves the following:

  • The procedure is painless and takes minutes to perform during a routine dental visit.
  • Your dentist fits you with a protective jacket to wear during the X-ray procedure
  • The intraoral camera, which is shaped similar to a large pen, is used to take pictures from the outside of your gums.
  • The camera captures digital pictures of your teeth that show details of even minimal tooth decay so your dentist can accurately diagnose any issues.

What are the benefits of using an intraoral camera?

There are numerous benefits of using the intraoral camera technology at Concerned Dental, which include:

  • Access to highly-detailed images of your teeth and any tooth decay or other issues
  • Quick and painless procedure
  • Helps your dentist accurately diagnose problems that cause tooth or gum pain
  • Can create digital images to send to your insurance or other medical providers

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