Oral Surgery

What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery is a dental specialty used to treat conditions or injuries that affect the teeth, mouth, jaws, face and head. Oral surgeons perform a wide range of procedures including tooth extractions, root canals, facial and jaw reconstruction as well as dental implants. Oral surgery can also be used to help treat diseases that affect the face and care for patients who are suffering from certain forms of oral cancer.

What are the different types of oral conditions that may require surgery?

Various oral conditions may require oral surgery, such as:

What to look for in an oral surgeon?

It is crucial to find a surgeon who is skilled, knowledgeable, and able to determine the proper procedure needed to correct your oral issues. Prospective patients may find before and after photo galleries helpful, as well as lists of reliable references. Surgery of any kind may be daunting, so it is important to find a surgeon with whom you feel a sense of comfort with and trust.