Post Removal

istock_000013980601xsmallRemoving posts from root canals is not an easy procedure since the posts were originally placed in as permanent fixtures. How difficult the procedure will be is determined by several factors, including: the type of post, the kind of cement used, and the relation of the post to the interradicular space (the space between the roots of multi-rooted teeth). The greater the accessibility of the post, the more likely its removal will be a success. This is why it’s important for the endodontist to carefully evaluate the situation before proceeding with the post procedure.

The chief problem caused by post removals is tooth fracture, which may occur because the post itself has fractured in the root canal. Fractured posts can, however, frequently be loosened by the use of an ultrasonically powered chisel. The chisel breaks up the cement which is then washed away by irrigation. At times, a special tool known as a Masserann trepan kit may be used to cut around obstructions in the root canal.

A government study has show that the use of ultrasonics for removal of broken files provides the best results and that root filling has a more substantial impact on treatment outcome than other factors.