Periodontal Surgery

What is periodontal surgery?

A periodontal surgeon is a dental specialist who has received years of extra training specifically focused on the prevention, detection, and early treatment of periodontal disease. When periodontal disease is detected, a periodontal surgeon can offer numerous treatment options to control the infection, clean the teeth and gums, and make repairs of any damaged or diseased teeth. At Concerned Dental, our periodontists are experienced in offering our patients the full range of periodontal surgeries when needed. In addition, our dentists can provide personalized support and treatment options for severe cases of periodontal disease, no matter how complex your situation is.

When is gum surgery necessary?

Periodontal surgery is necessary when a patient is suffering from periodontal disease that has caused deep periodontal pockets. Some of the most common indications that periodontal disease has become severe include:

  • Bright red gums
  • Tender, painful gums
  • Spaces between teeth at the gum line
  • Severely receding gums
  • Loose teeth
  • Misaligned teeth

If you think you might have periodontal disease, visit Concerned Dental as soon as you can for a periodontal evaluation and treatment. If your periodontist believes your gum disease has progressed beyond the ability to manage the infection using conservative options, you may be a good candidate for gum surgery.

What kinds of gum surgery are there?

There are several types of periodontal surgeries that may be utilized, depending on the extent of your gum disease and your particular needs. Some of the most common surgical options for repairing damaged gums or teeth due to periodontal disease include:

Regenerative Periodontal Surgery

This kind of periodontal surgery involves using grafts to grow lost gum tissue and tooth bone. Sometimes, the grafts are taken from other areas of the mouth, such as the roof. Then, your periodontist uses microsurgical techniques to place the graft in the area that needs new tissue or bone.

Flap Gum Surgery

Flap surgery is another procedure that may be used to access a deeper periodontal pocket that is otherwise out of reach for cleaning. This procedure involves creating a flap in your gum tissue in order to access the deep pockets and remove any plaque below the gumline. During the procedure, your dentist may also be able to repair receded gums or bone loss. After the procedure, the flap is reattached using self-dissolving stitches.

What are the benefits of visiting a dentist for periodontal surgery?

The following benefits can result from visiting an experienced periodontal surgeon for your gum disease treatment:

  • Advanced surgical techniques
  • Experienced periodontal surgeons
  • Restores tooth and gum loss due to periodontal disease

If you believe you may need periodontal surgery, visit Concerned Dental. We offer comprehensive dental services for patients in The Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Westchester, and Long Island. Our modern and friendly practice is home to a highly-qualified team of general dentists, orthodontists, oral surgeons, and other dental professionals who can handle all aspects of dentistry from one convenient location. To book your visit, call our office at 800.583.9285 or request an appointment today.