Root Canal Retreatment

What happens when a root canal fails?

A root canal is a common procedure that a number of people have at least once during their lifetime. In most cases, root canal procedures are completely successful and last you a lifetime. Complications rarely occur following a routine endodontic procedure, however, they sometimes can happen. Once in a while, however, as happens with any medical procedure, there is a complication. In the case of root canals, the tooth the complication is that the tooth that has been treated never properly heals or that new infection develops. Some unlucky individuals develop pain again in the same tooth. This can occur months, or even years, after the original treatment.

Fortunately, if your tooth has failed to heal, or you have developed a new set of problems in the tooth, there is hope that a retreatment (during which the same tooth is re-treated) will resolve the issue once and for all. If you experience dental pain in a previously treated tooth, don’t be shy about bringing the matter up with your endodontist. He or she is likely to reassure you that retreatment is the answer. When a problem does arise, Concerned Dental can help determine why your tooth pain has returned and how to best address the issue.

When is root canal retreatment necessary?

There are several reasons that retreatment may become necessary. These include:

  • The original procedure failed to address hidden narrow or curved canals
  • Your particular canal anatomy was atypically complicated in a way not originally diagnosed
  • There was a delay in placing the crown after the original endodontic treatment
  • There was contamination by saliva to the inside of the tooth
  • New decay has exposed the filling of the root canal to bacteria, resulting in a new infection
  • Your crown or filling cracked or broke, exposing the tooth to new bacterial invasion
  • Your tooth has sustained a fracture

What does retreatment of a root canal involve?

If you require a retreatment procedure, the endodontist will reopen your tooth, removing the old filling materials so that the tooth can be fully re-examined. The doctor will be looking for canals that were missed during the original procedure and for any signs of new infection. Any infected tissue will be removed and the canals will again be shaped and thoroughly cleaned. Once this has been accomplished, the endodontist will fill the opening with new filling materials. When the tooth has healed, a new crown or other type of restoration will be placed on the tooth for protection.

What are the benefits of undergoing retreatment of a root canal?

There are many benefits of visiting Concerned Dental for your endodontic care, including the following:

  • Procedure causes little pain and sedation dentistry is an option
  • Removes any newly developed issues involving the tooth pulp
  • Relieves tooth and gum pain
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Little downtime following procedure
  • Avoids further infections, complications, and pain

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