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To Whom it May Concerned,

I have been very pleased with Dr. Lawrence's dental skills in an effort to save a tooth that is resisting placement of a crown (not much left). I have always appreciated the technical abilities and pleasantries of front desk Antoinette, Sue & Heather (expediting appointments). Christine (Office Manager) is a financial wiz who always wears a smile! Concerned Dental is truly concerned!


Attn: All the Staff

I am writing to let you know this was the first time I have been to Total / Concerned Dental Care to have a tooth extracted. I was so impressed by everyone. The staff was so friendly and considerate and Dr. Herman pulled my tooth with such ease and efficiency that I am still amazed at the results.

Unfortunately, over the years I've had a number of teeth extracted by other dentists. I have to tell you that this was the best experience. There was virtually no bleeding, no pain and no swelling. This is also the very first time I didn't have to take any pain medication.

I will definitely return to Total Dental Care for all my dental needs in the future and I want to say again, "Thank you all for making it so easy for me." I would absolutely recommend you to anyone.


To The Terrific Team of Dr Steven Gutterson & Annmarie,

I have been going through quite a bit of dental work, I am 69 years old with many many years of fear of dentists. Dr. Gutterson has been so reassuring and caring.

Dr. Gutterson is soft spoken & extremely gentle. Annemarie has held my hand so many times to keep me calm.

I have called this team "The Batman & Robin" of dentistry.

I would also like to commend the front desk crew … Gail, Debbie & Cindy are terrific. They are so helpful with insurance issues & scheduling.

Thank you ALL for everything you do.


Linda – Manager
Concerned Dental Care
35 East Grassy Sprain Road
Yonkers, NY 10710

Dear Linda:

I wanted to let you know just how please I am with the employees at this location and with the services offered.

I first used and heard of your facility through my son’s union coverage from his part-time job. I thought the facility had a factory-like feel (all those little rooms), and I was not very impressed. However, after several visits with my son, I began to understand the atmosphere there and this changed my mind so much so, that I switched to your office for my dental care.

The name of your office matches the disposition of your staff. It has been exemplified in a number of ways. First, Dr. Siciliano who was the only dentist to suggest that I try implants. No others with whom I have dealt elsewhere did. I took a while to decide to start the process, but I have never forgotten just how interested Dr. Siciliano was in helping me, and so I made sure that when I decided to start, that she was part of the team of doctors. She makes me laugh because she gets so engrossed when she looks at an x-ray. Her comment that my situation was challenging, made me chuckle. In the midst of her musing about my x-ray, she remarked about the “beautiful roots” of one tooth as she figured out how to handle the challenging jigsaw puzzle of my mouth, and still preserve my teeth.

My encounter on August 4, with Dr. Siegel, was equally spectacular. He and his assistants made every effort to make me comfortable during the procedure for implants. Adults inevitably turn into scared kids when they sit in the dentist’s chair, and the doctor and his two assistants, made sure to reassure me through the process – much like how I use the same strategies with the students in my classroom.

The real icing on the cake occurred when Monday, August 6, Estelle called me. I thought to myself that she is bothering me about money already! However, she called to see how I was feeling, and to let me know how that I can call the doctor or her, if I had any concerns. This, to me, was the ultimate in customer service! I am truly appreciative of the treatment and had to let you know. Too often, we, (myself included), stop to complain and never to compliment. Now the office that seemed like a factory to me, actually lends itself to immediate collaboration, and quick feedback among the staff about what will work best for a patient. Dr. Siciliano was able to consult, rethink, make changes, and work with the assistant who did my temporary fixture.

Thanks for listening, and please be sure to share this letter with your staff.


Dear Dr. Fensterstock,

Greetings in the name of the most high the father who is omnipotent, omnipresent and last but not least omniscient.

This letter is being sent by one of your patients Basil P. Black. The letter is one of gratitude for the excellent work done on my mouth by Dr. Kim.

I must state Sir you are very fortunate to have such a very qualified and component member of your staff as Dr. Kim.

My last pair of partials did not fit properly. My present one that was made with Dr. Kim instructions fits excellently.

As I stated Dr. Kim is a superb member of your staff. She deserves a rare smile.

Thanking you and Dr. Kim.

I am Sincerely Yours,

Kudos to Concerned Dental Care of Farmingville. Dr. Z and Chris have changed my outlook on life… I love smiling now! They treated me with the utmost respect and professionalism and did an amazing job on my dental needs. I am recommending them to everyone!


It’s wonderful to know that I can get any dental service I’ll probably ever need in one place. That’s convenience that means a lot to me and my family.


I like knowing Dr. Jay Fensterstock has offices near both my home and office. Not only can I choose the most convenient location for me, but I can also choose the appointment time that is easiest for me. It’s a treat to know Dr. Jay Fensterstock helps me get quality dental care on my schedule.


Saving money on Dentistry: I didn’t think it was possible, until I enrolled in Dr. Jay Fensterstock’s “Preferred Patient Plan.” It’s true; I have saved, and my family and I are getting excellent dental care too.


As a parent, I count on our family dentist to teach me and my kids about how to keep our teeth and gums in good shape. At Dr. Jay Fensterstock’s, a real commitment to preventive dentistry is the heart of the practice. It’s what these dentists stand for- and I think preventive is really important. If we learn to take good care of our “natural resources,” we can stay healthier and keep future dental expenses to a minimum.


Dear Dr. Siciliano,

I’m writing to try, but I can’t thank you and your staff enough for all you’ve done for me. Since my first visit your concern and patience have only been surpassed by your talent and artistry. The staff have made me feel comfortable and welcome. Every question I had, was answered and thoroughly explained even those relating to complicated changes in my insurance policy procedures.

For most of my life, I’ve struggled with caring for my teeth. Because of the cost, inconvenience and pain involved with some dental visits, I avoided them and neglected my dental health. After twenty years of close-lipped smiles, id resigned myself to thinking I’d forever be embarrassed by the condition of my teeth.

Now, after only a few months, I’m learning to smile again. Just about everyday, I’m complimented on how great my teeth look. Friends who’ve complimented me already, days later have interrupted me again to reiterate their amazement. These compliments, while very nice to hear, are actually compliments to you and your staff. I feel as though I own a fine work of art I can show off my simply smiling.

Many thanks,

Sincerely yours,

I love this office. Anna is great and sweet sympathetic individual. I was in a panicking state and she calmed me down. Angie was also very patient and comforting. My dentist Dr. Siciliano is a great dentist. In general I love the staff here and would highly recommend your office. Your staff is always smiling.


Dear Azariy,

My name is Ross Priel, and I have been a dental patient at Concerned Dental Care of Westchester for the past several years.

I am taking the opportunity to write to you to express my appreciation for your staff and the wonderful experience that I have had, especially during my most recent visit to your facility on East Grassy Sprain Road in Yonkers, New York.

In particular may I bring to your attention the very special employee named Nora, who works at the front desk of CDC of Westchester?

After receiving a notice as regards my health insurance and the changeover from HealthPlex to DentaQuest companies, I was uncertain (and unhappy) that my coverage might not allow me to remain with CDC of Westchester. Last week, I visited the office in Yonkers and spoke with Nora about my situation.

Nora took the time to listen to me and was able to explain how I would be able to continue to come to CDC of Westchester with my basic dental coverage intact. She then helped set up an appointment for my dental check-up the following week.

At every stage, from our initial introduction last week until my leaving the office after my check-up this week Nora was courteous, compassionate, gracious and highly efficient; a professional in the best sense of the word and a very special person who in her excellence represents all that is admirable and praiseworthy in your organization.

May I respectfully ask that my praise and comments by entered into her official record and that all of her superiors be notified as well about the wonderful employee that they have?

In addition, may I also single out for praise and commendation the following employees: Jennifer, Tarene and Marilyn, and, of course, Dr. Albanese, all of whom were involved in my care during my recent visit? Each of them were top-rate professionals as well, making me feel comfortable, answering my questions, and providing their services in the best way possible.

Before I left the office, I asked Nora if she would provide me with the names of everyone who took care of me as well as the name of her superior to whom I could write to express my comments. She kindly did so in response, which is why I am writing to you.

At a time when the whole concept of managed health care has often come in for criticism from many sides, I think it only fair and right to compliment you and your organization for the magnificent standard of personal care and professionalism that you provide. There really are no words good enough to express the gratitude and respect that I feel toward the staff of CDC of Westchester, who exemplify the finest qualities as medical professionals and are most deserving of grace for the humane people they are.

I certainly plan to extend my compliments on such online sites as Yelp, where I do hope that they will play some small part in attracting others to CDC of Westchester.

Dear Azariy (forgive me, but I was unable to learn your full name while at the office), may I express my heartfelt gratitude to you for affording me the chance to express my feelings about your organization. And may I in closing once more extend to you my deepest thanks for the privilege of knowing Nora, Dr. Albanese, and the other exemplary employees who work for CDC of Westchester.

With fond regards and warmest wishes.

Yours Most Sincerely,
Ross Priel