Tooth Extraction

What is tooth extraction?

Having a tooth pulled, also known as a tooth extraction, is sometimes necessary. Even though your teeth are meant to last the entirety of your life, sometimes due to tooth decay, trauma, or other damage makes extraction necessary. In these cases, our in-house oral surgeons at Concerned Dental have the training and experience to provide tooth extractions with little discomfort and pain. For patients who are nervous about dental procedures, we also offer sedation dentistry when possible and appropriate.

When does a tooth need to be pulled?

Your tooth may need to be pulled if:

  • Your mouth is overcrowded
  • The tooth is severely infected
  • You are at risk of getting a severe tooth infection
  • Your tooth has been severely damaged
  • You have serious tooth decay
  • You have periodontal disease that affects the amount of bone supporting the tooth

What does a tooth extraction involve?

You can expect the following during your tooth extraction at Concerned Dental:

  • Your dentist numbs the area surrounding the tooth.
  • In some cases, sedation may be used so you will sleep through the procedure rather than being awake. Learn more about this process on our sedation dentistry page.
  • The tooth is pulled and you may be asked to bite down on a piece of gauze to help stop the bleeding.
  • In some cases, stitches may be needed to close the gums.
  • Tooth extraction is generally an outpatient procedure and you can leave shortly after your procedure. Speak with your dentist about what to do to ensure full healing after the tooth extraction. This may include adjusting your diet or lifestyle in the days following the procedure.

What are the benefits of getting a tooth pulled?

Benefits of entrusting Concerned Dental with your tooth extraction procedure include:

  • Safe and comfortable environment
  • Sedation dentistry may be an option
  • Outpatient procedure
  • Uses numbing or sedation to calm you and lessen your discomfort
  • Avoids the spread of infection or other complications of the tooth

If you believe you may need to have a tooth pulled, visit Concerned Dental. We offer comprehensive dental services for patients in The Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Westchester, and Long Island. Our modern and friendly practice is home to a highly-qualified team of general dentists, orthodontists, oral surgeons, and other dental professionals who can handle all aspects of dentistry from one convenient location. To book your visit, call our office at 800-583-9285 or request an appointment today.